About Us

About Us

Vipcouponz is a pre-shopping destination, it is a mediator between yourself and the world’s biggest brands and online stores, it is the one step that will definitely provide you with a better shopping experience. Through vipcouponz.com or vipcouponz’s mobile application, which is free to download on Google Play and Apple Store, you can find all your favorite stores, global brands, and e-Commerce platforms, from which you can shop online as usual and enjoy vipcouponz’s exclusive offers, deals, and discount coupons.

VipCouponz was founded with your best interest in mind as an online shopper. The aim was to bring customers of the Middle East and GCC the best shopping opportunities and deliver hassle-free shopping experiences in an ideal business environment built on trust and loyalty between customers, brands, online stores, and Vip Couponz.

Shopping through Vipcouponz.com turns your shopping experience into an easier one, it makes you shop more smartly saving money, time, and effort. When you choose to shop from anywhere in the world through Vipcouponz.com or vipcouponz official application, you choose to enjoy exclusive discounts, coupon codes, offers, and deals from your favorite online stores all year long, you get to buy more with less, and to save a percentage of any amount you pay through our coupon codes, while on the other hand, you always get to enjoy exceptional shopping offers created especially for Vipcouponz’s customers.

Vip Couponz is the Middle East’s biggest online platform that showcases the world's leading brands and online stores in the Middle East and the GCC. Our platform currently offers its services exclusively in KSA, UAE, Egypt, and Kuwait. Vipcouponz provides you coupons, discount codes, and deals all year long for free, in addition to the existing discounts offered by the online stores or brands themselves to achieve an unbeatable cost-effective shopping experience.

It all started by collecting data, analyzing current situations, and reaching some serious conclusions. Online shopping is not the future anymore, online shopping has already dominated the retail and sales industry and became the “Here and Now” of the business all over the world and specifically throughout the Middle East. Being online shoppers, consumers, and customers ourselves guaranteed first-hand experience of the market, which we believed had to be changed and transformed into a much more reliable and cost-effective shopping experience. That is exactly when the customer loyalty programs came to our minds and we decided to create something similar, but with a better taste, system, and outcome, something that we can call our own. And here we are introducing Vipcouponz.

Let’s not deny it, we all shop online whether regularly or not, so why not shop online from various platforms through only one place like Vip coupons while having the bigger picture and all the insights about the latest offers, discounts, and deals?! Not to mention doubling these offers up and saving money by using one of vipcouponz’s exclusive coupon codes or even earning money out every single time you shop online through Vip Couponz Promo Codes and deals.