Citruss TV Coupon Code 10% Off on Everything

Citruss TV Citruss TV Coupon Code 10% Off on Everything

* Promo Code : C54

* Last Use : 30 / 03 / 2023

* Valid Till : 31 / 12 / 2023

* Used : 289 Times

* Working On : جميع المنتجات

* Discount : 10% خصم اضافي

* Users : يعمل و فعال علي جميع المنتجات

* Valid In : السعودية - الامارات - الكويت - البحرين- العراق-الاردن

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Updated Aug 07, 2022

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Coupon Code Discount Country
C54 10% خصم اضافي السعودية - الامارات - الكويت - البحرين- العراق-الاردن

Citruss Discount Code 2022 

Use Citruss discount code 2022 on all products and save money with a value of 30 Saudi riyals on the best-selling Citruss products and get a Citrus discount of up to 50% from Citruss coupons in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait in addition to many direct and instant discount coupons and benefit from the largest offers and discounts Citruss tv live, which is held continuously without stopping, get the best products and home appliances from the most famous brands such as Balzano, Bissell, Regulus, Cobor, Fancy Miracle and many other brands - save your valuable money with a discount coupon from Citruss and save a lot of money through Citruss discount codes.

Citruss store is one of the first online stores that introduced the idea of ​​home shopping on television through the Citruss TV channel, which currently has a lot of followers and viewers around the year, and in the Middle East, where it constantly seeks to attract the largest number of customers by offering offers, discounts and experimental explanations on products And by the announcers of Citruss, the world of shopping and publishing many promotional campaigns for products at the lowest possible prices and providing the largest number of discount coupons to get a Citruss discount up to 50%, in addition to the Citruss channel discount code, which gives you a discount of $ 8 on all orders - Citruss discount code is 100% effective It is guaranteed by shoppers.

Citruss Discount Code

Most shoppers on the citruss website may know that the company has many different platforms to display products and provide all shoppers’ requests from different sections, which include health and beauty products such as makeup, skincare supplies, fashion, and jewelry such as the latest fashion for dresses, jewelry and watches sets, various hotel products There are currently many Citruss platforms through social media, Citruss TV, the distinguished Citruss application, which provides various products and many modern devices, in addition to the shopping experience that you have never seen before when you shop through the application Citrus.

The Citruss program offers all customers and shoppers an effective and reliable Citruss application discount code by users, which gives users of the code an additional discount of up to 60% on all original products, and you can get the latest and strongest discounts on products in an easy and simple way by finding the latest offers and discounts that you The company provides it on a permanent basis and enjoy the best shopping experience ever and do not worry about delivery services because the Citruss store delivers products to the door of the house in the fastest possible ways and at the lowest costs. In addition, Citruss provides a very easy return and exchange service | Use the Citruss discount code on our website and save money on all products.

How do I use my Citruss 2022 voucher to save money worth 30 Saudi riyals?

1 . Go to one of your web pages and search for e5smley, you will find Citruss.

2 . After arriving at the store, click on “View Coupon” and another window or page will appear containing the discount coupon.

3 . In order, you will click on both > “Click to copy the code” and then click on “Go to the store” (you will be automatically redirected to the Citruss website).

4 . When you go to the store, make your own shopping process, then add it to the shopping cart.

5 . After you have finished shopping, you will find the shopping cart with the number of products you have selected > click on the shopping cart.

6 . Once the cart is displayed, log in through the site or create a new account for yourself, and after Christmas, you will find a place dedicated to the Citruss discount code.

7 . You have to paste the citruss discount code in the empty field, then click on apply and make sure that the code is effective and that you got an additional discount of 30 Saudi riyals.

8 . To finish purchasing the products, add all the shipping and delivery addresses in addition to the payment service available to you.

Delivery and Shipping Policy - Citruss Store KSA

From the Arab countries to which the products will be delivered, the Middle East and North African countries, except for some countries that are subject to international sanctions according to the law of the United Arab Emirates. Add to that that the product delivery service takes from 2-6 days until it is delivered to your home and in case of any Delay Please do not count these days to the delivery time of the product. This is for some reasons that are not under the control of Citruss.

In the event that your order has been canceled or there are any problems or inquiries about any information related to your order or shipment tracking Citruss customer service is available 24 hours all the time to meet your requests and you can contact customer service through the following number > 0118343888 and if you find a delay inquire about the order, it is also available Product postponement service for up to 15 days no more, and if you find damage or damage to the products, you can contact customer service.

Citruss Ksa - Replacement and Return Policy

If you want to return the products to the Citruss store again, and this is for some personal reasons related to the customer, the customer must first contact customer service and then follow the following conditions in order to fulfill the return conditions:

  • The product cannot be returned if it is found that the customer has washed any of the clothes or if the customer has damaged it > If you submit a request for return or exchange after exceeding the return period, which is estimated at 7 days.
  • Return the products back to the store if you find any of these problems > Damage > Damage > Not the product that was in the picture > A product that was delivered to you by mistake.
  • Return the products in their original condition as they were received for the first time without the need to open the original packaging of the products and without using or trying the product even if it is damaged.
  • Return the product with the receipt invoice, and the customer is requested to take a photo in order to preserve the invoice in case it is lost.

Payment methods via Citruss

  • visa
  • maDA.
  • Payment by SADAD.
  • Payment in cash upon receipt.
  • MasterCard

Citruss customer service

You can reach Citruss customer service and inquire about your request through the official Citrus email address >

  • Saudi Arabia: No. (0118343888) E-mail (
  • United Arab Emirates: 04455966 -
  • Iraq : 0535111700 -
  • Kuwait: 22270022 -
  • Bahrain : 16661555 -
  • Oman: 24442624 -
  • Qatar: 040316822 -

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