Pottery Barn Kids Coupon Code 2022 - Valid For All Pottery Barn Kids Products

Pottery Barn Kids Pottery Barn Kids Coupon Code 2022 - Valid For All Pottery Barn Kids Products

* Promo Code : C0897

* Last Use : 30 / 03 / 2023

* Valid Till : 31 / 12 / 2023

* Used : 102 Times

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Updated Jun 13, 2022

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Coupon Code Discount Country

Pottery Barn Kids Discount Code Saudi Arabia 2022

The Pottery Barn Kids discount code Saudi Arabia (C0897) is offered by the Pottery Barn store exclusively on Ekhtisaly, where all shoppers and customers can get the Pottery Barn Kids coupon in the easiest way by visiting the site and all customers and shopping lovers in Saudi Arabia can get the Pottery Kids discount code to save money as barn kids coupon is guaranteed and effective until the end of the year, and customers can use the pottery barn kids code on the offers and discounts of Pottery Barn Kids, among the most famous of these offers and discounts are Pottery Barn Kids offers, White Friday, Pottery Barn Kids offers, Black Friday, Pottery Barn Kids offers and discounts every week and enjoy Shop with huge discounts up to 85% on all different products - Shop Pottery Barn Kids and get a Pottery Barn Kids voucher to save money worth 15% pottery barn kids discount code .

Pottery Barn Kids Discount Coupon UAE and Kuwait (C0897)

Use the Pottery Barn Kids discount code UAE, the Pottery Barn Kids discount code Kuwait, the Pottery Barn Kids discount code Saudi Arabia to save money and get the Pottery Barn Kids discount 15% on all different Pottery Barn products, which include Pottery Barn Kids sofa, Pottery Barn bedding, and fragrant liners Pottery Barn Kids for children, Pottery Barn Kids candles, Pottery Barn baby and kids dining tables Pottery Barn Kids mattresses, Pottery Barn Kids decorations and other other products from the Pottery Barn Kids website and shop now and get the biggest discounts of money Pottery barn kids Coupons discount code from discount me And do not miss the opportunity to get exclusive Pottery Barn Kids offers on the best and most popular products in addition to Pottery Barn Kids discounts up to 50% - own the Pottery Barn Kids discount code Kuwait 2022, the Pottery Barn Kids coupon UAE 2022 to shop multiple times and get an additional 15% discount.

How do I use Pottery Barn Coupon Code and buy online?

1 - You must first login to the Pottery Barn Kids website through the official website.

2 - Log in with your e-mail or through your Facebook.

3 - If you do not have a account through the site, create a new account (add your email > password > first name > second name > then click on create account).

4 - After logging in, go to the e5smley website, then click on the Pottery Barn Kids store, then view the coupon.

5 - Once the code is displayed, click on <Click to copy the code, then go to the store> You will be referred automatically after a few seconds.

6 - After you arrive at the store, go through the shopping process, which is to choose the products you prefer from the site and which you want to buy.

7 - Adding products to your cart After you have finished the shopping process, click on the shopping cart above.

8 - You will find a place dedicated to the Pottery Barn Kids discount code - Paste to the Pottery Barn Kids discount coupon and then click on Apply.

9 - Make sure to click on Apply to activate the Pottery Barn Kids voucher and then click on Checkout Safely.

10 - Add the delivery method > shipping data > the available payment method > place the order and wait for it to reach you.

Delivery and Shipping Policy - Pottery Barn Kids

As soon as you finish ordering the products, a message will be sent to you via your email that you added about the purchase, and make sure before adding the email that he always receives a message, knowing that the content of the message is the products at the prices you agreed to from the site, in addition to another message that includes the tracking code Or the shipment tracking code, through which you can know the status of the order, in addition to that you can receive from Pottery Barn Kids stores, knowing that the products are kept inside the store for 7 continuous days, and if you cannot receive the medicine, call +971 800-74292. Home delivery of accessories products are sheets, bathroom products, decorations, pillows.

What are the available delivery options?

Pottery Barn provides many delivery methods, including home delivery by shipping companies, as well as free delivery and shipping, which are:

Express home delivery service: for orders over 200 SAR and above, 350 SAR and more, and if the free shipping deal is not met, you must pay the shipping and delivery fees, which do not exceed 25 SAR / AED - the order takes 1-2 days for accessories .

Home delivery service: for orders over 1,600 AED and above, 1800 SAR and more, and if the free shipping deal is not fulfilled, you must pay the shipping and delivery fees, which do not exceed 100 SAR / AED 100 - the order takes 7-10 days for products to arrive Big furniture serum and other bulky products.

Return & Exchange Policy - Pottery Barn Kids

If you are not satisfied with the products and want to return them again to the store, you can follow the exchange and return policy, which is that the products are returned in their original form, as the process of returning products is only done through Pottery Barn Kids stores or Pottery Barn Kids branches, and you must deal carefully with the products so that you can Return it again, and the customer is requested to return the product without using it or installing the pieces that you purchased, knowing that Pottery Barn Kids is not responsible for the products if they are in the customer’s possession and that the company does not bear any damages at all, in addition to that there are some products that you cannot return to the site And you can find out by contacting Pottery Barn Customer Service at +966 92000 2482. The amount in the appropriate way to you in the fastest way, and please that the product is in its original condition.

What are the terms of returning products?

Pottery Barn Kids Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait website gives you 14 days to return or exchange products:

  • You can return the products in their original condition as you received them with the original packaging.
  • Return the product and bring the product receipt invoice (the deadline to return the product is 14 days from the date of receiving the order with the invoice).
  • The time period for returning the products is subject to the terms and conditions of the product return.

Payment methods available at Pottery Barn Kids Store

The site has many payment methods available and available for safe and varied payment that suits the customer or shoppers and offers you the best services by simply shopping only through the site and the payment methods are:

  • Master Card
  • Mada
  • Visa Card

Pottery Barn Kids customer service

Pottery Barn provides many means of communication via the site, which are available 24 hours a day, and the ways to communicate with customer service are:

  • Contact the Pottery Barn store via the store at the bottom of the page (contact us).
  • Contact the Pottery Barn Kids phone number - +966 92000 2482.
  • Communicate with the site through social media.

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