About Citruss TV

Citruss-TV is one of the first TV channels for home shopping on TV screens, and now it has become one of the largest channels in the Middle East, most of Africa, and the Arab world in a nutshell. It includes many different products for shopping, including fashion, health and beauty products, household appliances, kitchen supplies for cooking, and others.

Citruss The world of shopping is gradually expanding and has become serving more than 300 million people in the Middle East and the Arab world from the online home shopping service and Citruss Kaddour channel by introducing products and introducing them to viewers, Citruss has created many platforms to expand trade more and more by creating the Citruss application Citruss Online Shopping World, Introducing Citruss products into a world of shopping through social media and save money by getting a Citruss voucher or via a Citruss TV discount code.

Citruss-TV Contacts:

Citruss customer service is available at the highest level and is always at your service 24 hours a day throughout day to meet all services:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
  • Phone: 0118343888
  • Email: info@citrusstv.com
  • United Arab Emirates:
  • Phone: 04455966
  • Email: info@citrusstv.com
  • Amman :
  • Phone: 24442624
  • Email: oman@citruss.com
  • Kuwait:
  • Phone: 22270022
  • Email: kuwait@citruss.com
  • Bahrain:
  • Phone: 16661555
  • E-mail: bahrain@citruss.com
  • Qatar:
  • Phone: 040316822
  • Email: qatar@citruss.com
  • Iraq:
  • Phone: 0535111700
  • Email: iraq@citruss.com
  • To contact Citruss by mail > customercare@citruss.com

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Citruss TV Discount Codes 2023 - Save 5% Off + 70% Sale

All Citruss Tv Discount Codes, Promo Codes, Deals, Offers, and Coupons That Works in KSA, UAE, Oman, and Kuwait.

All Citruss TV Coupons in Mar 2023

Citruss-TV Discount Code 2023 50% Off

Citrusstv discount code saves money on household appliances from Citrusstv products home appliances, jewelry, and other products at fantastic prices and original products that guarantee you daily without any problems and saves money shopping through the Citrusstv website. Citrusstv discount coupon, in addition to Citrusstv offers and discounts on home products and kitchen appliances to 50% off. Use the citruss tv coupon code and save money while you shop at the citruss tv store and get your orders from various products. 

Women may need household products such as vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, kitchen tools, and products, and many more necessary products for home precautions. Add to that buying products at reasonable prices for shoppers, and with Citrusstv discount codes.

Citrusstv-tv Founded

Citrusstv was established in 2005, which was at that time offering large assortments of the best quality products, Citrusstv store provides the ideal products for customers and shoppers through the store, and became one of the largest leading stores in the field of home shopping. Citrusstv has multiple platforms as the Citrusstv app. Citrusstv discount of up to 50% for air fryers, enjoy preparing food. Hurry up to get the best Citrusstv best-selling kitchen products.

How Do I Use Citrusstvtv Coupons?

  1. Choose Citrusstv Coupons at Vipcouponz.
  2. You have to next click on both > View coupon > Click to copy the code > Go to the store until it is automatically converted within 3 seconds.
  3. Once you reach the official store, go through the shopping process and add the purchases to your shopping cart above.
  4. After completing your shopping process, you must click on the shopping cart and then go to pay, log in, or through a new account if you do not have an account through the Citrusstv website.
  5. After you are done, you will find a summary of your order + the products you have chosen + the total price of the products at the place of the coupon.
  6. Paste the Citrusstv discount code 2022 in the empty field designated for the World of Shopping discount coupon in order to get an additional discount on your order.
  7. To finish purchasing the products, add shipping addresses and information > select the available payment method > and click to complete the purchase.

Citrusstv Coupon Code First Order

Use the Citrusstv discount code first order to get discounts from 20% to 80% on most products to save money from Citrusstv discount code 50% off your first order through the site and get Balzano products at the lowest prices and enjoy spending wonderful time. Enjoy fast cooking through the modern Citrusstv channel products, and save money in a 100% guaranteed way from the latest Citrusstv discount codes.

Citrusstv TV App Discount Code

Get the Citrusstv discount code from our website and benefit from saving your money through the Citrusstv application discount code gives you additional discounts on products. One of the features of Citrusstv is providing all the supplies and products that shoppers need to make a transaction Shopping. Citrusstv store provides an ideal shopping experience in which all available products are presented. Shop and get Citrusstv fashion and discounts starting from 30% on all dresses - hurry up to get the best products and save money from citruss discount with an additional discount of up to 50 Saudi riyals.

Citrusstv Promo Code 50%

Citrusstv promo code 50% helps you get discounts on products when shopping online. take advantage of Citrusstv ksa offers and discounts. Copy the discount code, Click on “Apply”, in addition to the 100% effective Citrusstv discount code on all products.

Citrusstv Offers

Citrusstv discount code reaches up to 80% on Citrusstv products such as dresses, abayas, jellabiyas, jewelry, watches, beauty products, skincare, health supplies, perfumes, makeup, and household appliances for cleaning and cooking.

Citrusstv National Day Discount Code

Use the citruss national day coupon code, and get 30 Saudi riyals on products and devices. Citrusstv provides shoppers the Citrusstv discount code to save money worth $8 on all orders from the Citrusstv channel on social media platforms and save more and learn about the most features of the products through the explanation and testing of products in front of On TV.

Get the latest Citrusstv discount codes!

Citrusstv promo code 70% gives you very high discounts on all products. Once you use it, it reaches 30 Saudi riyals discount on all products.

Citrusstv Discount Code Renewable Throughout The Year

Citruss coupon code is effective and renewed throughout the year on all products discount of 30 Saudi riyals on online shopping by downloading the Citrusstv TV app.

Feature of Citrusstv Discount Codes

Citrusstv discount code Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Iraq, Jordan, and Arab countries give 30 Saudi riyals discount on all products. Citrusstv offers best-selling products at excellent prices. use the citruss coupon code to get a discount on the total of the order, and get the citrusstv discount code on all products. Copy the citruss coupon to get an effective discount of 8 US dollars on the products of citruss Citrus.

Citrusstv discount code, the world of shopping in Kuwait, and the UAE

Get Citrusstv discounts on all products, use the Citrusstv coupon code ksa 2023 on your favorite products from various departments and products, and you can get Citrusstv coupons exclusive.

Citrusstv Voucher Code Kuwait 

Use the Citrusstv discount code Kuwait, and save money 100% guaranteed on Citrusstv products at prices that suit all shopper's discounts of up to 70% off.

Citrusstv UAE Voucher

Hurry up to seize the perfect opportunity to save money, which does not happen often, and use the Citrusstv discount code UAE 2023, and get a discount of 30 UAE dirhams. You can get the Citrusstv discount code.

Citrusstv Payment, Shipping, Return Policy

Payment methods available on Citrusstvtv

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Mada
  • Payment by SADAD.
  • Payment in cash upon receipt.

Citrusstvtv Delivery and Shipping Service

Products are shipped to many countries, including Middle East countries as well as North African countries, except for countries that are subject to international sanctions according to the law of the United Arab Emirates, in the event that you find some Of the damaged products, not the product, a product you received by mistake, you can return the product within only seven days. Please note that the products ordered from Citrusstv take at least 2-6 days for the products to be delivered, In the event that the product has been canceled, I know that there are some reasons beyond Citrusstv control. The product you have a period of not less than 15 days only no more.

Citrusstvtv Return and Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with the products and would like to return them to the store again for any of the reasons related to the customer, there are some of the basic conditions for returning or replacing the products, which are:

  • You can return the products if they are damaged or have damage and you do not want to buy them. Please, contact Citrusstv customer service and inform the team of the problem.
  • Return the following products if they are in a damaged or damaged condition, jewelry, underwear, swimwear, during a complaint through customer service.
  • Maintaining the receipt of the product, the customer is requested to take a picture of the invoice in case the receipt of the receipt is lost.

FAQs About CitrusstvTV

Cases in which it is not acceptable to return the product?

Citrusstv is also interested in meeting the demand of its customers in all possible ways. Please, the customer pays attention to what Citrusstv does and adheres to the return and exchange policy, Unacceptable returns:

  • The customer has tried the product or used it.
  • The customer washed any of the clothes, or the customer got damaged.
  • Once the warranty is completed, you cannot return the product if it is defective or damaged.
  • If you submit a request for return or replacement after exceeding the return period, estimated at only 7 days.