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Fila.com is one of the sportswear manufacturers and has great popularity around the world and was established in 1911 in Italy and after a very long period of about 96 years, specifically in 2007, it was acquired by Fila Korea under the chairmanship of the CEO of the company Leon So-Yeon.

Fila owns a Fila in the South Korean business administration in Seoul and was providing sports equipment and sportswear in addition to the finest types of shoes and bags, as well as amazing accessories the wide fame that Fila obtained from tennis players as it was their trademark in 1970 and currently

Fila is a brand Known all over the world due to the quality of Fila's clothing and high fashion, it currently offers many offers and discounts that never end with Fila's services for delivery and free shipping, in addition to guaranteed discounts in the form of a discount code for fila to save money and as some call it "Fila Promo Codes".

Fila Contacts:

  • E-mail: customercare.fila@chalhoub.com
  • Phone: 8003452

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Fila Products Offers

Fila offers many products that include clothing and fashion, with Fila offering discounts from 30% - 60% off on the most famous Fila groups on fashion. You can discover exclusive Fila collections on Fila clothing groups, return to nature and provide more than a fila discount code: (---).

Men’s section

the men’s section contains many different products such as shirts, polo shirts, and suits, in addition to hats and the answer. When you choose one of these categories, you will find another amazing interface that helps you identify the products in the least possible time as it provides you with the classification you want of clothes, your size, and appropriate For you, it offers you several options that help in choosing the color.

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Women’s Section

The store provides everything women need from their fashion and accessories and gives them many offers and discounts on many products, reaching up to 60%.

Children’s section

Many parents are looking for products such as clothes, accessories, or even shoes for children from now on. Fila store includes clothes and products for all family members. Shop now with the boys to buy what they prefer to wear, where you can find all the high-end collections and collections for both sexes and discounts from the fila discount coupon.

Shoe Section

These two departments have many products, which include masks, bags, socks, and hats, in addition to men's and women's shoes, children's shoes, shoes for both sexes, and various styles of shoes offered by Fila Store with huge discounts up to 70% besides fila promo code new customer up to 75% for the first order on the store.

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Fila.com Payment Methods:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • American Express.
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Pay Pal