About Modanisa

Modanisa.com is a Turkish online store that cares about modern and distinguished veiled clothes. It was established on Mother’s Day in 2011 in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul. It was the first Turkish electronic platform that allowed women to buy modest veiled clothes through the Internet with such a wide variety of products and tastes.

Modanisa's online store is available in 6 languages (Turkish - Arabic - English - French - German - Bahasa).

Modanisa customer service

  • You can call the following international customer service number: +97142789933
  • Or contact via e-mail: support@modanisa.com

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Modanisa store products

  • hijabs
  • Clothing
  • outerwear
  • Plus size clothes
  • sportswear
  • the shoes
  • bags
  • makeup
  • accessories
  • evening dresses

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How To Use Modanisa Coupons?

Add the products you wish to purchase to your shopping cart. Click the "Discount Code" button at the bottom of the place of order, choose the coupon you want to use from the options, or click the "Apply" button after typing the discount code.

If you want to use the discount code on your orders at the Modanisa mobile application, go to the “Shopping Cart” tab and click on the “Discount Coupon Options” button at the top of the page.


You can use a maximum of one voucher or discount code per order.

Payment Methods at Modanisa

Payment can be made via one of the following options:

  • Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Card.
  • We do not accept payment by bank transfer.
  • Cash on Delivery is available for orders under $150.
  • A service fee of $5.7 must be paid to the delivery courier for orders with the "Cash on Delivery" option.