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How To Use R&B Discount Code?

We will explain how to order and buy online from the R&B store, in addition to explaining how to use the R&B discount code to save money and get an effective additional discount for all orders and products and take full advantage of the R&B code addition to offers and discounts, and to learn how to use and activate the coupon You must first follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "All Stores" Page, and Choose R&B Coupons Store.
  2. After you go to the site, click on the R&B store, then display the coupon, and a window will appear to click on the one in front of you in the following order.
  3. Click to copy the code and then click on go to the store and you will be automatically referred to R&B Clothes, i.e. the official store of the site.
  4. Here you have to shop and choose the best products you want to buy from the site and take advantage of R&B offers and discounts on products.
  5. After obtaining your favorite products, click on the shopping cart above, then view the purchasing bag, and you will find the products and the order summary.
  6. You will find the total amount of the products on the site in addition to the location of the coupon code. You have to click on the place of the R&B discount coupon, then.
  7. Paste the R&B code within the latest and most exclusive R&B coupons for Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait, and click on Apply.
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  9. There are many R&B discount codes. Hurry up to get them, save a lot of money, and benefit from the R&B promo code.

Delivery and Shipping Policy

After you finish ordering the products directly, the R&B website sends you an e-mail that includes the products you have purchased in addition to the prices and a message containing the shipment tracking code from the site.

You can also through the tracking code know all the details of the order at any time with the shipping representative or responsible For the home delivery service, knowing that the store provides two services for the delivery of products.

the first is delivery and cash on delivery with payment fees on receipt of the product and the other method is by shipping through companies.

Also, deliveries are carried out in each of the following countries only based on the source of R&B customer service and company R&B or the official website are R&B United Arab Emirates, R&B Saudi Arabia, R&B Qatar, knowing that there are many areas that are not delivered, including New Abha, Lakes, Al Khadra, New Umrah, Al Sharia, Al Noor, Kairouan, Hegra, Al-Kharj Road, Thalim, Taiba, Rashidiya, and there are many other areas, knowing that the delivery lead time takes at least 1-5 working days to deliver the products.

Shipping Fees

Saudi Arabia

  • The R&B store provides free shipping and delivery service for orders over 150 Saudi riyals, and if the free shipping deal is not fulfilled, you must pay the shipping costs in the amount of 15 Saudi riyals.

United Arab Emirates

  • Store R&B offers free shipping and delivery for orders over 99 AED, and if the free shipping deal is not fulfilled, you have to pay for the delivery of the product for 10 AED.


  • Free delivery and shipping service for orders worth more than 150 Qatari riyals, and regular delivery and shipping services for orders of less than 20 Qatari riyals free shipping.

How about the shipping cost to pay on the receipt?

  • Saudi Arabia: 20 Saudi riyals.
  • United Arab Emirates: 20 UAE dirhams.
  • Qatar: 20 Qatari riyals.

R&B Return & Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the R&B products and want to return them to the store, the product return policy is available at the R&B website, and the replacement policy is not available from the store, and you can return the products by creating a return request through the official website on which you previously registered or by calling By serving R&B customers through the website.

also, the products are processed two or three working days after receiving the parcel, as the product is returned only within 7 days from the date you received the order, and also that the store maintains the safety of the product in its delivery to you, the customer must also return the order as you received it without being used or damaged, and in case of damage, you can exchange your products from one of the branches or stores of the R&B store.

If the return policy is not available, which is that the product is in its original condition, the R&B store is not completely responsible for returning the products.

FAQs About R&B Fashions

Q / What do I do if the products are damaged or the product arrived in error?

A / What you just have to do here is reach with R&B customer service or another way that you must try, which is to create a return request for the product and choose the reason for the return and then click on Continue and send, and within 48 hours you will be answered about the products.

How do I create a return request?

Follow the process of returning the product until you can return the product correctly:

1 - When you log in through the site, you will see my account at the top, click on it.

2 - After clicking on My Account, click on Returns and then Create Returns (Returns).

3 - Choose the reason for the return, and before clicking, add your address and state the reason for the return.

4 - After completion, click on Continue, and the parcel will be received within 2-3 working days.

5 - In the event that you are unable to create the application, contact the official website by mail.

Payment Methods at R&B

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Mada card