About Reefi

Reefi shop offers all customers all towels and robes for men, women, and children, which are characterized by a large amount of water absorption and perfect softness for the user.

Reefi.com is one of the most famous stores in Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf countries, mainly in the Middle East.

Reefi delivers all customers with the finest robes and towels with deals that reach up to more than 75% off on all towels and robes, and the most significant characteristic of a rural store presents outstanding towels that do not make you feel pain during drying, and this is thanks to the cotton that is manufactured for towels and robes.

Reefi Contacts

  • Website: https://reefi.me/
  • Phone: 0539912222
  • WhatsApp: 966539912222
  • E-mail: help@reefi.me

Reefi Social Media Accounts

  • Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/reefi.me
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/Reefi_store
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reefi.me
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reefi.me

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Reefi Discount Code Get 10% Off on All Towels and Robes

Activate Reefi discount code 2023, which qualifies all users to get a discount of 10% off on all towels and robes, in addition to the offers and deals of the Reefi online shop, which can reach up to 80% off on all products and towels, and it has a wide variety of towels and robes, and there are also towels and robes for kids and they also have many towels of different forms and types. Now, buy from reefi shop and get amazing discounts with a Reefi discount code.

Reefi Features

  • It offers you a fast delivery and shipping service to your home, and the store also allows you to receive the product yourself.
  • Reefi products are characterized by excellent manufacturing quality and a wonderful feeling of bliss during their use.
  • If you are shopping via the Reefi online shop, you will enjoy an awesome and great shopping experience, in which all products are shown with very high discounts, up to more than 75% off.
  • Reefi shows you many different and secure payment methods and a 10% discount to save more money.
  • It is characterized by different designs, for example, colors and shapes, and high discounts.

Reefi Offers Towels and Robes

  • Reefi offers many towels and robes reaching up to 60% off for kids.
  • It also suggests a special offer on 6 pieces of plain towels in addition to 5 hair covers of various colors.
  • Offers all women a special set consisting of skinny towels and a face towel at an ideal price for all buyers.
  • For Ladies who care about the elegance and personal comfort of their kids, Reefi offers towels, and robes for kids from 3 years old to 11 years old.
  • Shop now for everything you need and get an extra 10% off on all products presented by Reefi.

How To Buy From Reefi Shop?

If you want to buy unique towels and robes, Reefi has everything you want, follow the next steps: 1 . You can shop online through the official website of Reefi or through Reefi mobile application that is available on Google Play Store, and App Store. 2 . You have to register on the website or application according to your choice, and this is very important to show you all the offers and discounts offered by Reefi. 3 . Create an account and then add the phone number and some personal data such as name, address, and some other information that you have to add in order to create the account (please save all the important information that you registered, such as the email you created with or the password because you will need it later for necessity. 4 . You can now pick all the products you want to buy, add them to the shopping cart, select the quantity, then register and fill in the needed data, such as a delivery address, and the payment method, and then complete the purchase.

How To Use Reefi Promo Code?

1 . To get the code, go to the top of the page and click to view the coupon.

2 . Click on Copy reefi code and then click to go to Reefi Online Shop (you will automatically be taken to the official website of Reefi)

3 . After redirecting to reefi, pick the products you want to buy, and then add them to the shopping cart.

4 . After you have completed selecting the products, click on the shopping cart and check what you have purchased before moving on to the next step.

5 . Click on complete the purchase, and then you will find all the products that you have purchased from the store, and you will find the total tax and a place for the discount code written inside it (insert the coupon). Paste the discount code to get the additional discount on the products.

6 . Click on complete the purchase and then enter the phone number to complete the final purchase.

7 . You have to add the address, choose the delivery and payment method available to you, in addition to any other data, and then click on Complete Payment to finish purchasing the product.

Reefi Payment Methods, Return, and Shipping Policy

Reefi Free Shipping and Delivery

There are many shipping and delivery choices, depending on the country in which you live outside or inside Saudi Arabia. There is a free shipping service for orders exceeding 400 Saudi riyals, where there are many shipping options such as (SMSA, Aramex, delivery company, and GLT) and the shipping fee is 25 Saudi riyals and takes from 1 to 7 days at most.

Replacement and Return Policy

If you want to replace or return any product that was ordered from Reefi, you must first reach customer service in the same week you have received the product, but there are some basic requirements that must be followed in order to return the product in a correct and safe way:

1 . Do not open the original packaging of the product / as you received it.

2 . Bring the receipt invoice

3 . In the event of any of the following problems or obstacles, you must contact customer service (the product has a manufacturing defect / it is not the product you ordered) in this case, Reefiwill incurs all possible costs to return the product and replace it with another product, but you should not use it or use it 4 . The fee for the return service to Reefi is 25 to 30 Saudi riyals.

Payment Methods in a Reefi

  • Payment by mada card
  • Payment by Apple Pay
  • Payment by Visa
  • Payment by MasterCard
  • Payment by Tamara
  • Cash on delivery (may not be available at the moment)